Real-time Chemtrail forecasts

Real-time chemtrails can’t always be accurately predicted, however years of observation, research, data collection and careful mapping, have revealed certain visible patterns of chemtrail diffusions, so we can now keep better track of our skies.

Choose your medium

Living in the information age is awesome. There are a number of mediums from where you can get your daily chemtrail forecast. There are a couple of radio stations that specialize in the matter, you can check it out online, on one of the websites, forums or on the facebook page, and there is even an app for it. The forecast might not always be a 100% accurate, because there may always be an unscheduled flight happening somewhere, nevertheless it’s pretty neat.

Monitor Alerts

In the occurrence of an undocumented flight and diffusion, the chemtrail monitor army comes in to play. All it takes is one solitary monitor to mobilize and send out an alert, and all systems and sky watchers are updated. That is the beauty of the information age.